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I’m often find myself ‘website jumping’ – and by that I mean browsing on one site after another following each author’s recommendations (either from blogrolls or posts), and I will frequently go off on a complete tangent from where I started. I have found some of my favourite websites or blogs this way, just the same as when you wander aimlessly round a city and randomly come across a quaint, hidden corner that’s way off the beaten track.
This is how I found myself on the website of interior designer, Kelly Wearstler. I’ve seen her work many times in the press, however this was my first time on her site and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Perusing her residential and commercial portfolios was like being a kid in a sweet shop – Kelly’s designs are bold, achingly stylish and sympathetically in keeping with the architecture. She utilises, “influences in fashion, art, technology, history and travel, while paying homage to timeless notions of sophistication”, and boy, does it show. This extremely talented ‘tastemaker’ (more of an American word, but I’ll go with it for want of a better description) has many strings to her bow, and just reading through all of her different projects and areas of expertise is enough to make me feel weary! Here are a few highlights… prepare to develop a serious style crush:

{images via Kelly Wearstler}
What do you think? Are you a fan of Kelly’s work?

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