new york fashion week aw2011

New York Fashion Week AW2011 passed in a blur of show-hopping, goodie bags and after-parties… I mean, I wasn’t there (lack of, er, invitation), but it’s the impression I got from the avid fash-pack tweeters. I have poured over each of the collections and have been thinking about different ways in which I can present my highlights to you without it being a mega-involved 2-page image extravaganza. I’m certainly not here to dictate what you must be wearing. I love to report on the trends that I rate and the catwalk looks that I admire… after all, there’s no point me harping on about wearing head-to-toe orange if I think it looks mildly ridiculous (just an example! Done right it can look amazing. Yes, Kate Bosworth, I’m talking about you). I promise that I will never write about, or post images of, anything that I’m not 100% passionate about. Fact.

So, with that in mind, here’s the deal: I’m going to bring you my favourite look from each of the Big Hitters, and the themes that ran through the shows. Et voilĂ , NYFW in a nutshell! Who needs the glamour of a front-row seat in the Bryant Park tents?! (well, come to mention it…):

{images via prphotos}
Stand-out collections for me were Jason Wu, Carolina Herrera, and our own VB (the evolution from her structured dresses was a big talking point at NYFW). There was a real mixture of trends – both dark and bright colours, a full spectrum of textures, and everything from the 20s to the 70s to modern-day. One thing’s for sure, AW2011 is not going to be dull!
Coming soon, highlights from LFW… stay tuned!

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