a rose by any other name

So, it’s upon us. It’s February, it’s a Monday, and it’s that day (and I bet you any money that it’s rainy and windy outside too, cos then it would be my least favourite combination of factors ever). But in an attempt to power on through to the 15th, I found the following recipe on Mowielicious, which yes, contains roses and oddly the word ‘potato’, but it also contains doughnuts that look suspiciously like glazed Krispy Kremes. However, they are homemade, and they look amazing. Nothing says “I love you” like a delicious mountain of treats (btw – are you thinking what I’m thinking, that it would make a fantastic alternative to a wedding cake?):

{image via mowielicious}
Before I go, I’d like to share some alternative V-Day messages that I found whilst online browsing, that are infinitely better than the ones Hallmark churn out:

{it had me at ‘moustache’}

{Mr Darcy… today, tomorrow, always}

{at least you couldn’t complain about mixed messages}

{I don’t think we need to elaborate}

{the hearts are romantic, the sentiment… is not}

{you’d hope so, wouldn’t you}

{let’s not push it}

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