best dressed 2010

There’s always one… and this year it was Lady Gaga. Whilst she was decked out in butchers’ cuts, however, the rest of the A-list scrubbed up magnificently in a variety of designers and styles. There were the seasoned pros (Johnansson, Kruger, Mendes), the new wave (Swift, Seyfried, Pinto) the model credentials crowd (Chung, Huntington-Whitely, Watson) and the reality set (Conrad, Kardashian/s, Port).
For me, two ladies consistently and effortlessly got it right, with a hint of, “oh, this old thing?”. Firstly, and I’m not being biased because I’m Gossip Girl’s biggest fan, there’s Blake Lively. Ok, so it helps that her body is flawless, but she dresses to make the most of her assets in a classy way and never plays it safe. Perfection:

Then there’s Olivia Palermo, who always looks immaculate. She may have the tact of a sledgehammer, but the way she pairs designer with high street labels, the girl never gets it wrong. She makes grey look interesting and her accessories frequently make an outfit. Here are some highlights:

{images via prphotos}