fantasy fashion in paris

You can sum up Haute Couture in one word: extravagance. Unless you flew into Paris on a private jet, were accompanied by a dog the same size as a guinea pig, and were sat on the front row nestled between Anna Wintour and Charlotte Casiraghi, then the message was clear to all in attendance… you can’t afford the splendour before you. In settings such as the gardens of the Musée Rodin (where Dior’s collection was shown), those who could afford the upwards-of-5-figure price tags (not that there were any – how vulgar) sighed with joy and satisfaction that the garments floating down the runway with impossible grace could very well be theirs. For everyone else, notes were taken on how to incorporate those trends into everyday wear. It was opulent, it was dazzling and it was well-heeled. In both senses of the word. Recession? Pah! What recession?

If money was no object, which dress or collection would you take home?

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